Process Of Academic And Administrative Audit For Institutions And Departments


An institution or department that desires to undertake the AAA process as developed by XBHEI will be required to follow the procedures as detailed below:

  1. Head of the Institution should send a Requisition Letter (hardcopy) (see format on www.xavierboardorg/AAA to the Programme Co-ordinator, AAA, XBHEI, 31, Primrose Road, Bangalore 560025 or by email to (softcopy) for conducting the AAA process for the Institution and /or department.
  2. On acceptance of the Requisition Letter by Xavier Board the Institution will contribute a sum of Rs. 25,000/- (for Life member colleges of XBHEI) / Rs. 35,000/- (for ordinary member colleges of XBHEI) / Rs. 50,000 (all other institutions to fray the expenses connected with the AAA process. The contribution must be remitted either by NEFT or by DD, drawn in favour of Xavier Board of Higher education in India, 31, Primrose Road, Bangalore 560025. Bank details for NEFT will be given by XB secretariat on request.

  3. Accept the terms and conditions as set out by this document of the AAA process and receive the Manuals for the AAA process.

  4. The Institution will complete the questionnaire (5 weeks from the date of despatch of the Manual from XBHEI office). Both hard and softcopy in MS Word format will be sent to the institution, to enable the institution to complete the same in the given format.

  5. Submit the completed Manuals as (a) one hardcopy to the AAA Co-ordinator and (b) Softcopy to be uploaded on the institution’s website with password protection and as a PDF document. No corrections or alteration to be made once the document is uploaded.

  6. AAA Committee will on receipt of the completed AAA Manuals (a) Shortlist the Audit team members (b) Consult the Institution on the probable dates for the AA Audit (c) Convey to the Institution within 10 days the logistical details of the visit of the auditors to the institution including no. of days required for audit and (d) Inform the Institution the names of the Audit team members at least a month before the onsite audit.

  7. The institution will be in-charge of organising and paying for the travel and accommodation for the Audit team. (Mode of travel, etc. is indicated in Annexure 2)

  8. The institution will pay the honorarium to the Audit team members as per the rates decided by XBHEI.

  9. Institution will take care of the local transport (only Hotel pick up and drop), lunch and tea /coffee /non-alcoholic beverages and snacks for the Audit team while they are in the institution during the audit process.

  10. Institutions are requested to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by the XBHEI especially in matters pertaining to finances and gratis / gifts, etc.

  11. Institutions are requested to inform the XBHEI of any excesses demanded by Audit team members in case such instances should occur. This will be much appreciated as XBHEI would like to be a credible organisation undertaking the process of AAA of institutions.

  12. Once the onsite Audit is completed as per the schedule, the Audit team will meet together, discuss and draw up a brief report. The team will then conduct an Exit Meeting with the Head of the Institution and the IQAC Co-ordinator and give a verbal report.

  13. XBHEI will envisage to complete the final report before the team departs the institution or alternatively send the final report within 2 weeks from the date of completion of AA Audit to the institution. The final report will contain the reports of each of the departments that have been audited as well as an overall institutional report. A ‘CERTIFICATE OF ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE AUDIT’ will accompany the final report stating that the Institution has been audited by XBHEI provided the entire institution has undergone the process with XBHEI.

  14. Any grievances or disputes arising out of the AA Audit process, may be referred to the Executive Committee of XBHEI for further action.

  15. The AAA process is a voluntary initiative of the Institution and /or Departments and does not have any legal binding on the Institution or Department.