Application for Membership – Expression of Interest

Xavier Board, 31 Primrose Road, Bangalore – 560 025.


Dear Respected Vice Chancellor / President / Rector / Manager / Principal,

Greetings from Xavier Board.

This is to introduce you to the Xavier Board of Higher Education in India (XBHEI), which is the only association of all the Catholic institutions of Higher Education in India. Established in 1951, XBHE is a registered Society with its National Office in Bangalore. XBHEI nurtures Christian Faith and Gospel Values while promoting Excellence and Leadership training among the youth in our institutions. This national association co-ordinates the activities of all the Catholic Institutions of Higher Education in India and is approved by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI). More details are provided on our website:


The objectives of XBHEI are to:

I. Promote and safeguard the interests of Catholic institutions of Higher Education in India.

II. Help institutions in the spiritual, religious and general education of staff and students by undertaking and/or promoting training programmes, refresher courses, research, etc.

III. Co-ordinate the activities of the member institutions at the national or regional level to bring about greater unity and effectiveness.

IV. Represent the special interests of the institutions before the Government, Judiciary, University, UGC, NAAC, NCTE, AICTE, and other related bodies in academic matters and also to ensure the rights of Minorities.

V. Provide a link between institutions and the CBCI.

VI. Encourage the institutions to make higher education available to the poor and marginalized especially of rural India;
XBHEI functions through eight regions and the Regional Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries organize programmes at the regional level. Annually, XBHEI conducts Administrative training programmes for Principals, Leadership training for students and staff animators. Triennial conference is held for all member colleges where elections are held to Board and Regional Offices. Currently there are 196 Life Member Colleges.


May I request you to enroll your institution as a LIFE MEMBER of XBHEI, by paying a one-time Life Membership fee.

The Membership fee is as follows :






Strength of the Institution



Life Membership



Annual Membership



Colleges with Students Strength below 1000

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 1,000/-


Colleges with Strength above 1000 / Training & Nursing colleges

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 2,000/-


Professional, Engineering, Medical colleges / University

Rs. 20,000/-

Rs. 5,000/-


Kindly complete the Life Membership form and forward it with a DD payable at Bangalore, for the amount of Membership fee and Corpus fund in the name of Secretary, Xavier Board of Higher Education in India, 31 Primrose Road, Bangalore – 560 025 / or through bank transfer after informing the Secretary.

N.B. All the institutions of higher education in India that are managed by Dioceses or Religious Houses are eligible to become members of Xavier Board. Those institutions of higher education managed by Catholic individuals or Registered Society / Trust are eligible for membership of Xavier Board after 5 years of their existence on providing a no- objection certificate from the Local Bishop and a written agreement that they would strive to continue the mission of the Church in the institution.


Annual Contribution :

All member institutions are also required to make an annual contribution to XBHEI towards cost of running programmes as decided by the Executive Board. The Annual Contribution rates are as follows:



 Student Strength

Amount in Rupees


Upto 1000

Rs. 2000/- 


1001 – 2000

Rs. 3000/-


2001 and above (Including Professional Colleges and Universities)

Rs. 5000/-


Colleges of Education having (< 1000 students)

Rs. 1000/-


Yours sincerely,
Secretary General,
Xavier Board of Higher Education in India

Phone : 080 25584020


Attachment : Life-Membership Application