Vision & Mission

The Church in India today takes up the mission of Jesus by training students both men and women who transform society and liberate persons from all kinds of bonds.They,in turn change life-social,economical,political,cultural and religious. They become the seekers of Truth,promoters of life,altrusitic in approach and prefer common good to individual comforts. They Promote a culture of love as against a life of hatred and mutual suspicion.In a world of chaos and despair,they hold on to values of integrity and entrepreneurship.They stand for meaning and dignity of human life which is precious gift that God has entrusted man to foster and nourish.Xavier Board identifies with the Church in India and gives leadership to enhance the christian values through our higher educational institutions.

The Xavier Board wishes to foster institutions of excellence in academic sphere,acceptance of value systems, access to the poor and marginalized,autonomy in administration and management,possibly leading to autonomous institutions and (Deemed) Universities.The member institutions will initiate ways and means such as community contribution ,services of Parent Teacher and Alumni associations,endowments,sponsorships,scholarships,loans and exchange and twinning programmes and similar non commercial income generating schemes for finding its own financial resources for better infra structural and educational means. These Institutions will foster a sense of ownership in community through forms of participatory administration ,formation of advisory bodies and accountability structures.Our facilities will be shared for community services,ongoing education,non-formal learning, short term/diploma courses and the like,so that infrastructural wastage is limited to the minimum.

Sharing the same vision enables the member institutions to co-operate effectively among themselves through exchange programmmes, networking,and sharing of personnel and material resources.This will promote the much desired unity ,and integrity among our institutions.A working ecumenical relationship with non-catholic colleges will help advance this unity and integrity in the sector of higher education in India.

Facing the realities of Indian context,our educational institutions aim at training leaders who are intellectually competent,spiritually mature,morally upright,psychologically integrated,physically healthy,socially acceptable and God-loving ,who will champion the cause of justice ,love,truth,and peace and who are ever open to future growth.In our institutions,we cherish to have a community of teachers who are committed to their divine vocation,professionally competent,morally upright,just and humane dealings ,co-operate and who help their students to grow in all respects.

We aspire to create a just and cultured society in India,where the dignity of human person is respected, where the poor and marginalized are specially taken care of,where our cultural heritage of ahimsa,religious harmony and national integration are upheld,and where corruption and social evils are challenged.we aim to reach out the familites of our present and former students ,to assist them in their needs,to share joy and sorrow and help them experience love and freedom,so that the students realize that our educational institution is an extension of their homes.

The Xavier Board member institutions are open to all,irrespective of their caste or creed;they are accepted and cherished as they are and helped to grow in their cultural,social and religious traditions.As they are privileged to be in our institutions,they will have a right to get acquainted with the person of Jesus Christ and His Gospel who guides us to be unselfish and to serve others.our institutions being established and administrated by and for the minority community based on religion and with the protection granted by Article 30 of the Constitution of India,they will have a special concern for the faith formation of the Catholic youth.For the realization of these aims of Xavier Board,we expect the Managements,Principals,Teachers, Students,Parents and other stake holders to share this vision and co-operate with it whole heartedly for a better India.

The mission and vision of our institutions are in line with the teachings of Catholic Church and in co-opearion with ecclesiastical administration.