REQUISITION LETTER (to be given on institution letter-head)

(Name of the Head of the Institution
With full postal address)


The Coordinator,
XB -AAA Committee,
31, Primrose Road, Bangalore 560025


Dear Co-ordinator,

Sub: Request for conducting XB – AA Audit in (name of the College).

This is to request XBHEI to kindly conduct an ‘ADMINISTRATIVE AND ACADEMIC AUDIT’ of (Please name the Institution / college) College.

We will hereby abide by the terms and conditions of process as detailed by XBHEI and pay the Registration fee for the same.

The institution will take responsibility for the travel, boarding and accommodation of the Audit team members during the Audit period as well pay the remuneration to them as per the rates detailed by XBHEI.
Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,

(Head of the Institution)