Origin and History

Xavier Board was established in May 1951, by eminent educationists of that time at a meeting held at St. Joseph's College, Bangalore. Bishop Severin, the then Chairman of the CBCI Commission for Education, blessed the endeavour of the pioneer stalwarts to create a national organization to federate the welfare of Catholic institutions affiliated to Universities in India. Fr Jerome D'Souza,Fr M.M.Balager SJ, Prof. V.V.John, Fr. John Misquitta SJ, and Fr. John Vallamattam took the lead to bring together all the Catholic colleges in India, and to co-ordinate their activities to uphold Excellence, Gospel Values and True Leadership through higher education. They visualized that the people of our country in the Independent India must be imbued with excellent skills and human values, as well as commitment to national development. After celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2001, Xavier Board stands with greater vigour for Gospel Values, Excellence and Leadership Training (GEL) in higher education.

Xavier Board cordially co-operates with fraternal youth organizations like AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation), CSM (Catholic Students Movement),AINACS (All India Association of Catholic Schools),KCSL (Kerala Catholic Students League), Jesus Youth Movement, Christeen and other regional associations who uphold Gospel values. We appreciate and encourage the youth who opt for one year unselfish service in the educational campuses to bear witness to christian life and gospel values. Xavier Board has also initiated the formation of AIACHE (All India Association for Christian Higher Education), as an ecumenical movement in higher education for better co-ordination with all the Christian educational institutions in India.

In March 2010, Xavier Board has 175 Life Member colleges and 106 Ordinary member colleges on its Membership role. We are proud that the Church in India is held in high esteem and respected by the Government, politicians and the public at large because of the Catholic Church's contribution through institutions of higher education, health services and other humanitarian services. Many member institutions of Xavier Board are graded the best in India. Many of these institutions are accredited by NAAC with five stars / A or A+ grades. Many of them have been awarded the “College with potential for Excellence” and Autonomous College status. Christ University Bangalore, owned by CMI Fathers, became the first Catholic Deemed to be University and Don Bosco University, Guwahathi, Assam,owned by the Salesian Fathers, became the first Catholic State University in 2008.

Many of our Principals and Staff members are rendering great services as peer team members in NAAC, NCTE, AICTE and the like. Our Medical colleges, Engineering colleges and Professional colleges including Nursing and Teacher's Training Colleges have been recognized as trend setters and lead the Indian educational scenario in many respects. St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, was highly appreciated by the Judges in the Supreme Court. The stakeholders appreciate the Excellence, Unselfish Commitment, Emphasis on Human Values, Leadership Training, and Skill Development, for which our institutions dedicate themselves , even in the remote villages of India. Many of the downtrodden and marginalized have come up in society because of these institutions and their care for the downtrodden and tribals. Many of our villages are blessed with our colleges.